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Darcy Hutzel. Standing up for you and your family in our community.

As a long-time resident and a parent of two young children, I have experienced many of the challenges you face every day trying to raise your family in our community.  As a result, I am determined to do everything I can to work hard on your behalf to make sure we  get City Hall working for you again.  I’ll make sure:

  • Your tax dollars are spent wisely in our Ward, on the things that matter most to our community like timely snow removal, fixing our roads, sidewalks and street lights and by improving services for families and seniors.
  • We make it a top priority to fix our many traffic issues in our city, so you can spend more time safely enjoying our community with friends and family.
  • Our neighbourhoods remain safe, enjoyable, green places for you and your family to live in
  • Your voice is always heard and respected, and your concerns are acted upon at City Hall

I am experienced and determined to work together with you to make our great city even better.  On October 22nd, vote Darcy Hutzel for Ward 3 Councillor.

Supporting seniors living in our community

During canvassing a couple of weeks ago, my wife Jenn and I met a resident with a problem which is unfortunately not unique among seniors in our city. After hearing Lynda's story, we decided to see what we could do to help her right now, BEFORE the election. Click on the link below to hear more about her story, and our experience in bringing the community together to help make her day just a little bit brighter.
taking action

Working hard for you before the election

While knocking on doors this election, many of you have shared the challenges you have been facing living in our community. Not content with just making promises to help, my team has been working with you to solve problems BEFORE the election. As a result of our efforts, the Brant Hills/Mountainside Community watch group was established to empower our community to keep any eye out for each other.
SAFE streets

Telling the truth, even when it's hard

Making promises is easy. It feels good to tell people that you plan to help solve their problems. The problem with politicians though, is when it comes time to follow through on them after the election is over. A great example of this relates to promises the other candidates for Ward 3 have been making about public transit in this election. See why I'm the only one who isn't afraid to tell the truth about the challenges ahead.
the truth

Video from the Ward 3 All-Candidates Debate hosted by ECoB is now available

I have split the original two hour full-length video into 12 sections to make it easier to view. I'm the only candidate in the debate who consistently said that I would put the concerns of our community first, and the only one to make a full public commitment to making sure your tax dollars are spent wisely, and on your priorities. See what all of the candidates have to say, and decide for yourself who you think will best represent your interests in our community for the next four years.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my Campaign Website

For over a decade, my wife Jennifer and I have been raising our young family in Ward 3.  In speaking with many of our family, friends and neighbours in our community over the years, it turns out that we share many of the same concerns about its future. 

It’s my perspective that the people at City Hall have been spending too much time, effort and tax dollars addressing their priorities, rather than ours.  It’s time for a change in the style of leadership at City Hall.  It’s time to get Council working for you in your neighbourhood!

I’ve decided to run for City Council because I have the right combination of skills, determination and commitment to our community to provide you with the best possible representation at City Hall.  As it’s time for the city to make important choices about our future, I want to make sure that your thoughts and concerns are incorporated into every stage of the decision-making process.

I hope to earn both your trust and your vote to be your next City Councillor on October 22nd.  I look forward to talking with you over the next couple of weeks to hear your thoughts as to how we can work together to help make our great city, even better.

My Background and Experience

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After moving here from London, Ontario in 1986, I attended Lord Elgin (now Robert Bateman) High School. Since that time, I’ve somehow managed to live in every ward in the city.

My wife Jennifer and I met here, were married here and we bought our first home here in Brant Hills in 2008.  I have spent the last decade happily juggling the demands of Jenn’s shift-schedule as a Police Officer with my own, while also finding time to enjoy being a father to our two children and an uncle to nine more.

Over the last 25 years, I have worked with businesses of all sizes, including several multi-national businesses in the finance and energy sectors, where I have held key senior leadership roles at the Manager and Director levels.

I have gained significant experience across many different disciplines that make me well equipped to effectively represent you on council, having worked in Business Development, Operations, Contract Management, Auditing, Project Management, Information Technology, Business Analysis, Energy Management and Finance.

In these roles, I have obtained relevant experience successfully managing several multi-million dollar annual budget processes, negotiating contracts, performing business case analyses, and leading and communicating change management efforts both within and outside the organizations I’ve worked for.

My interest in public service began in 1984 when I served as a Legislative Page at Queen’s Park. While studying Economics at Queen’s University, I was elected to the executive of several youth political organizations, serving as Vice-President as well as Provincial Policy Director.  In these roles, I’ve gained a practical understanding of how to develop public policy and how to bring people together to come to an agreement over contentious issues.

Since moving to Burlington, I have volunteered my time to support the Burlington Air Cadets, The Royal Canadian Legion, The Burlington International Games and Habitat for Humanity.  I have also enjoyed my time engaging with the youth in the community as a soccer and football coach and as a frequent volunteer at my children’s primary school.

Let's work together to ensure City Council keeps working on our priorities

Burlington is a pretty great place to live, work and raise a family.  Having said that, City Hall could do so much more to support you and your family in our community.  We need to take a conservative, responsible approach to providing the services your family needs right now, and in the future.

Ensure council spends our hard-earned tax dollars wisely

Property Taxes in Burlington are rising much faster than our take home pay is growing. We need to make sure Council prioritizes spending on “needs” before “wants” and we must conduct a line-by-line audit of what we are spending to ensure we are getting good value for our tax dollars.

Improve the flow of people, goods and services in and around our city

As more people move to and through Burlington, the time and cost to get around the city is increasing. I support making smart, cost-effective investments on measures to improve traffic flow, and to reduce travel time and improve the reliability of public transit.

Working to make council accountable to you

Council has recently been focused too much on their own timetable and agendas, at the expense of obtaining public input into the decision making process. I support measures that will enhance public engagement in all key decision making processes throughout the city, well before these key decisions are brought to a vote at council.

Protect our neighbourhoods from over development

New residential developments are being built at heights and densities far in excess of what the majority of residents want. Council must protect our neighbourhoods by ensuring zoning bylaws are strongly defended, and that adequate affordable housing, green space and parking are made available in these developments.

Improving city services for families and seniors

We promote our city as being family friendly, however the supply of key city services isn’t keeping up with demand. We need to review existing Parks & Recreation programs and reallocate existing resources to better support current and anticipated future demand for programs for children and seniors in our community.

Ensure the Rural Residents of North Burlington are well represented

We must make sure that the concerns of the residents north of Dundas St. are well represented on Council. The rural character of the region must be respected, however we need to remember that the vast majority of residents are not farmers but homeowners, with many of the same concerns that urban homeowners have about traffic congestion, road safety, property rights and wasteful spending at City Hall.

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Help Support Darcy's Campaign

The most challenging part of any election campaign is getting the message out to everyone in the community.  My family and I are working hard to talk with as many of you as possible in person before Election Day on October 22.

You can help me bring your ideas and your passion for your community to our City Council by volunteering, displaying my lawn sign or making a donation to my campaign.  Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to use the form below to reach out to me, or you can contact me directly at or by phone at 289-400-3505.