Endorsements for Darcy Hutzel

I'm happy to announce that I have earned Jeff Brooks' endorsement to be your next Councillor for Ward 3. Jeff is an active member of our city's Cycling Advisory Committee, and he also ran in the 2014 Municipal election to be our Councillor for Ward 3. Jeff is a long-time resident of our community, having raised his family here in Brant Hills. He's a guy who's always looking to contribute any way he can to make a better Burlington for you and your family, and I'm honoured to have him on our team.
Jeff Brooks and Darcy Hutzel
Jeff Brooks
2014 Candidate for Burlington City Council - Ward 3
“Give Darcy Hutzel a few minutes of your time and you will be instantly impressed by his approach and ‘get things done’ attitude. I met Darcy by reaching out to him on Facebook to talk about a specific issue which my family and my neighborhood deal with on a daily basis.  I inquired as to how he would tackle this issue if elected as I had already done the same with two other candidates. Admittedly the other candidates did engage me but Darcy went above and beyond.  Not only did he speak to me about this issue but he also took action by following up with the city planner and asking specific questions I would never have considered.  He visited my home and communicated some of the city’s rationale to help me better understand the city’s previous decisions and how he can help effectively move this issue forward in the future.
Darcy doesn’t just talk about getting things done, he’s about action.  He asks city staff tough questions and keeps them accountable. More than that, he’s not a candidate that is going to play political games which is refreshing especially at the municipal level.  As a citizen of Burlington, we deserve honesty, good communication, accountability and action.  Within the first few minutes of speaking with Darcy Hutzel, he earned my vote by doing exactly that.”
Michael Grobe – Ward 3 Resident

“Darcy, it is my pleasure to cast my vote for you!  I have noticed you out on the streets meeting members of the community. I have seen you taking your time with others at their door as you did at my home. Clearly time is short and precious and regardless you took all the time I needed to ask questions and I heard what you had to say about your vision for the City. Even after all this you still had more time for me when I had more questions.

I like how I see your wife Jenn supporting you and canvassing with you. I know you have children and their needs also still need to be met. You seem to have found a balance to manage it all! As a voter knowing that you are both living and raising your children in this community, this shows me that you are invested in our community and that you have long term roots here.

I watched you at the debate last week and felt you were clear on your concerns and vision for the community. Your dedication to us the voters is strong as is your commitment to your time management with your family.  I feel you mirror the experience of families in our community.

I moved here 22 years ago and bought my 1st home here in Ward 3. You have listened to what the community has to say, and you have reflected upon it. The thoughts you echo back are parallel to what the community is saying.  Looking forward, I feel you will bring great leadership as the next Ward 3 City Councillor.  I wish you all the best in your campaign and I know you will be a welcomed addition to our City Council!”

Sherry Booth – Ward 3 Resident

“Soon, residents of Burlington’s Ward 3 will choose a new face for our city councillor after decades of the same leadership. So I’ve applied my decade-plus of deep grass-roots experience in federal and provincial politics to look for someone to represent me, my family, and my friends and neighbours.

I look for character, competence, and sound policy. Darcy Hutzel strikes me as the kind of person who is authentically interested in representing his constituent’s needs – in making a positive difference in our municipal lives. His competence was on full display during a recent all-candidates meeting, where Darcy was well-prepared, knowledgeable, polished and collegial. And Darcy understands that municipal policy issues are close to home, revolving around everyday things like snow removal, our natural right to enjoy and manage our own properties, and getting around in the city’s traffic.

So on October 22nd I’ll be voting for Darcy Hutzel, and I hope you will consider the same.”

Aaron Burns – Ward 3 Resident of Kilbride
“Darcy Hutzel has a sound grasp of all the many issues we discussed at my door today. While Darcy is open minded, he is also refreshingly pragmatic. It is my belief that Darcy is the only Ward 3 candidate who will sincerely address our ever increasing property tax rates.”
David Hall – Ward 3 Resident

“Darcy’s answer at the debate {regarding Meridian Brick} was very reasonble… Rather than pandering for votes, he stood for what is legal and fair for ALL parties. Those who don’t have the principles to honour agreements won’t get my vote…way to go Darcy!”

Dave Wilson – 30+ year member (retired) of the Burlington Volunteer Fire Department